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Courtney Cox

Did You Know?

We are designing fresh Athleisure Wear!

Being Fashionable & Fit requires a certain type of athleisure wear! The type of athleisure wear that we have yet to find (inserts deep sigh).

Whether you’re in gym every morning or love to throw on a pair of yoga pants for brunch, can we all agree that stylish active wear is a must?

Yes…..? Yes!

Since we’re all in agreement, look no further!! We our going to have all of your active wear needs…mixed with a fashion twist, of course 😜.

We want to bring you athleisure wear that can be paired with your favorite workout routine or your favorite brunch spot!

Our goal? To bring you multifunctional masterpieces that are designed for the gym and can be rocked anywhere!

Stay tuned! Our activewear will be coming to you soon!


-The Rock & Ritzy Team