Rock & Ritzy

We'll Keep the Girl Power on For You!

Get you a Woman that can do both!

Courtney Cox

Fun Fact: 

Did you know that Rock & Ritzy is for the women that can do both?


Starting out, our brand was ONLY going to provide athleisure wear and all things fitness! I’m talking sports bras, glittery protein shakers, and pink dumbbells! Taking the whole, "you work out like a girl" statement as a total compliment (inserts painted nails emoji).



But a girl likes to look fly outside of the gym! Is anybody else a sucker for an instagramable outfit?

(Yes, instagramable is not a word and yes, somehow we all know what it means.)


                                                                            Here, let's give you a visual. The type of outfit that makes you want to book a reservation at Barton G’s. Pose by the Marie Antoinette cotton candy pompadour. Capture the most epic “off-guard” flick and last, but most importantly, add a Valencia filter (brings out the pink in the cotton candy).…I know, you can totally see it in your head.

“But, how do you combine the best of both worlds?”... So glad you asked! Separating the Fit & the Fly would be easy but we wanted to be something like a one stop shop for the women that can do both.

You can catch her crushing fitness goals in the gym, or closing deals in heels. Corporate Cutie by day and Entrepreneur Empress by night. Betty Crocker during the week and can make a mean reservation during the weekend (okay that one was a little left field but… you get it, right?). And that’s who we are here for…for the women who are solid as a Rock but still stylish and Ritzy.


aka The Women that can do both!