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Rock & Ritzy: Top 7 Vacation Tips!

Courtney Cox

Spring Break is over, 

and if you're like us at Rock & Ritzy.....

Now your thinking of a well deserved summer vacation! Whether you are planning a relaxing Bahamian getaway or a chic vacation in a Miami hot spot, we got you covered. Here is Rock and Ritzy's Top 7 vacation tips!


1. Plan Ahead

Research the country before you buy a ticket. Look into things like local tourist spots, hot spots for going dancing
and best locations for Instagram posts. This will save time trying to figure out things to do. Planning ahead will give
you a better idea of your itinerary. This will help with a ton of things like what to pack, who you will travel with,
and cost.

2. Time your trip

Consider the season your taking your trip. Some seasons are crowded with people while some are deserted. Figure out what will work for your vacation goals and what vibe will be best for you. If you want to relax, its best not to book a
tourist saturated area! 

3. Flight Deals

There are way cheaper flight deals in the middle of the week. Buying your ticket mid-week will save you around $100! In
addition, booking flights 3-4 months in advance will get you the best price. When searching for flights, clear your browsing
history so websites don't track your cookies and keep raising prices.  

4. Proper Documentation

Nothing is worst then getting to a new country and not having proper Identification *deep sigh* seriously, nothing! Make sure to look up the travel regulations so you don't get denied at immigration. Also, pay attention to airport rules because each country is a little different. 

Pink Palmtrees.jpg

5. Read Traveler Reviews

Nowadays, the best way to know what your getting yourself into is reading customer review. Applications like yelp,
trip Advisors, and blog posts will save you a headache. It will get you an idea of which attractions will be worth while. 

6. Take What You Need

When going out, limit the cash and cards you carry just in case it gets lost or can have a backup! Emergencies
can happen on vacation. Having extra cash at your temporary home will give you a peace of mind if the day goes unexpected.

7. Take Photos

Now that you planned ahead, got a great flight deal, and at the hottest local spot, enjoy yourself and live your best life!
Take photos so that you can capture and remember your vacation memories. It will be awesome to have photos to look back
 at what made your trip memorable. Great photos are the best souvenir. Search your locations geofilter tags on Instagram for the best photo ops!