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More Social, More Media!

Courtney Cox

Okay, is it just us or is every social media platform (specifically Facebook and Instagram) down right now!?

Usually, the IT Guru’s work their magic to get things back up and running quickly but we came up with some quick tips/”things to do” while social media is down!

Tip 1. Clean up your Inbox!

To help fix the scrolling crave, clean up your email inbox! Get rid of those unwanted subscriptions and annoying junk messages. It’s productive and it will help you have an organized inbox! Of course, keep us around! <3

Tip 2. Virtual Mood Board

If you’re anything like us, we love creating mood boards! We use them to bring our favorite looks to life or for future campaigns! Download Moldiv or if you already have a photo organizer… let those creative juices flow and create some stylish mood boards!

Tip 3. Journal and Chill

Use this time to journal and reflect! Briefly write down what you’re grateful for or some future goals you want to crush!

Quick, Short, and Simple!

We hope these tips are super helpful while we are “social media-less”. Once everything is back up and running, let us know if thought our tips were helpful!


The Rock & Ritzy Team

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